Recruiting & Executive Search

At Sonoran IT Group, we are passionate about working with your IT and business management to understand exactly what you are looking for in a position, next pre-screening a select set of candidates, and finally partnering with you through the selection process.

Put us to work on sourcing exceptional people for your next opening!

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Advisory Services

Let’s face it, if IT were easy to plan, set up, manage and evolve, every business would be doing it for less cost and higher return on investment.

But every growing business is a moving target, and that makes IT a moving target, too. Knowing that, and establishing the visibility and governance processes to manage IT as an asset is the answer.

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Current Opportunities

Are you an accomplished IT, Marketing, Sales, Support, Professional Services or Project Management pro? Then you should be working with Sonoran IT Group to find your next gig!

You already know that scanning job boards every day is a waste of time. Why not let your next dream position find you. Check out our opportunties, and talk to us today.

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What we're thinking

Finding the right IT recruiter can be a game changer!

August 13th by Tammy Peil

Hiring has quickly become more of an art form rather than a routine activity performed by an HR staff member. For every job opening, there may be dozens of viable candidates fighting for that particular opportunity. Although you may think you are the perfect fit for that position, and your resume suggests you are the [...]